Elephant Riding and Show ( HH20 )



Elephants have always held a special place in Thai history. Their outward gentleness and innate talent has earned them respect love and admiration. A symbol of power and ironically peace the national flag of Siam once bore the emblem of a white elephant.

Elephant number in Thailand are dwindling with only 3000 to 4000 left in the country .Conversation awareness has led to elephant camps being set up to keep these gentle giants occupied hard ling logs and entertaining visitors.

Training is a strenuous process for man and beast. A successful mahout must develop a bold with his elephant before mastering the skills of control and management. Elephants perform tasks after becoming acquainted with the commands and guidance provided by their Mahouts through extensive training..

Your elephant is mahout (keeper ) will take you trekking to through forest terrain up to mountain top to get a bird is eye view of Hua Hin and the sea then wading through a small river back down again to the camp for an elephant show which shows off both the intelligence and playfulness of these remarkable animals.

Elephant ShowGround shaking experience with Hua Hin Safari Show watch elephants on training play with the baby elephant and watch the elephants dance. play dart games enjoy painting ride a bicycle and more? a great experience for children families and tourists alike perfect place with natural surroundings.

DEPARTURE TIME available from 09:00 – 15:00 hrs. Everyday show time 10.30 hrs. , 13.00 hrs. , 15.00 hrs.
Transferring by songtaew non air- conditioned
elephant riding 1 hours and show half hour
1,300 Baht per person minimum 2 pax
1,150 Baht per person for 5 person up